It constitutes a complete information system oriented towards the effective observation of a ship fleet.

Pinpointing the location of a vessel is achieved through GPS or through an appropriate network. The transfer of data can be achieved through any network, using:

  • Satellite communications (Inmarsat, Iridium)
  • GSM/GPRS mobile networks
  • AIS networks


The basic components of its infrastructure include:

  • Α Map server that allows for the production of required cartographic elements in the form of Web Map Services that assist in the completion of other processes offered by the system.
  • A user application that integrates all the functions offered by the system. Its user interface is web based and can used through any Browser.
  • A Gateway server that provides communication layers that allow the communication between the system and the devices of a vessel.
  • A geospatial database that allows for the storing of data in the system with their spatial dimension so that geospatial needs can be met.


The basic capabilities offered by the system include:

  • Management of Vessel Data
  • Easy location of vessels in the offered map infrastructure
  • Display of a vessel’s direction from historic data that are stored in the offered cartographic infrastructure
  • Location of the vessel through Polling
  • Creation of zones and importing capabilities to the offered cartographic infrastructure.
  • Production of alerts when a vessel enters, stays, or leaves from a zone
  • Reporting capabilities pertaining to a vessel’s activity