Power BI is the new Business Analytics solution provided by Microsoft for the collection and analysis of data as well as for the export and presentation of information, conclusions, motives and trends, utilizing contemporary and innovative charts and dashboards that help in swift and effective data driven decision making.

Power BI was characterized by Gartner as an absolute leader at the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms (Feb 2019).

Pertinent services offered by Cosmos Consulting include:

  • Solution analysis and development
  • Data Warehousing & Optimization
  • Solution development and UI customization
  • Support and Maintenance


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Effective and Timely decision making

To satisfy all business’ needs for the optimization of its competitiveness and its adaptation to new conditions which demand effective and timely decision making. Decision Making is a strategic and even on operational level must be based on continuous, accurate and valid data and information. Effective decision making is based on the complete and holistic view of data, sizes and indicators by businesses.

Cosmos Business Systems’ Solution

Cosmos Business Systems understands that corporate information is the optimal tool for the effective decision making of a company’s management. Based on this core principle, it attempts to offer to its business customers custom reports of variable dimensions that represent the cornerstone for the development and optimization of the competitiveness of businesses.

The B.I. reports offered by Cosmos Business Systems allow the business to obtain a holistic view of its interrelated processes so that it can have on demand all the related information and results demanded on one screen.