Human Power™ is a system developed by Cosmos Consulting S.A. to digitize the processes of submission and approval applications concerning annual leaves and transfers & expenses (T&N).

It is an exceptionally useful and effective web solution, that is readily available to the user, accessible from all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). It offers a highly responsive GUI and provides a comprehensive environment for the management and monitoring of the system.

Human Power™ is useful to every business which  plans to utilize contemporary technology for the digitization and automation of its respective processes, regardless of its company size or its number of employees. The adoption of the Human Power™ system provides important cost and time efficiency in comparison to the traditional systems. Those efficiencies are achieved through the complete management and utilization of data as well as to the specific functions offered such as the maintenance of historic data, the comparison, the association and the forecast of them.



Human Power™ utilizes Power Flow a mechanism that models human capital flows that has been developed and is continuously updated by Cosmos Consulting S.A. It is applied to a company’s respective human capital flows.

The system is based on Open source software, using Debian 10.0 as its operating system and PostgreSQL as its database. However, the application is developed in the .Net Core and Angular platforms to support back and front end processes respectively.



Human Power™ is distributed by module; that is according to each separate flow (management of leave, management of employee costs. Its flexible annual leave programs are distributed either through perpetual licensing or through a subscription service (SaaS – Subscription Licensing), at competitive prices.



The Human Power™ project is constantly evolving while the solution’s roadmap is being optimized through the addition of new workflow expansions and the optimization of the existing ones.

Human Power Leaflet