Done™ is an application developed by Cosmos Consulting S.A. to assist in actions which are related to customer data. The application enhances the effectiveness of the information which is spread throughout an organization and helps to optimize customer experience management. It also assists the Management team to control day-to-day operations.


Done™ users can easily organize their daily tasks and prioritize their initiatives related to customers (as well as other potential stakeholders such as suppliers, partners, banks, public services, etc.). The purpose of this system is to allow the flow of customers’ information within all levels of an organization, vertically & horizontally.

With such an organization system, the information can be spread in real time, providing users with important cost and time benefit. Moreover, users can attain a holistic view of their company’s relationship with customers.


In an organization that is utilizing remote-working, Done™ is proving to be a useful tool for monitoring the actions of remote users. It provides effective registration of the holistic actions towards the customers from every department of an organization.

Done™ can operate autonomously, as a stand-alone application or to co-operate with existing software systems such as CRM, xRM, PMS, ERP etc. allowing for the utilization of their modules and subsystems.



Done™ is based on well tested Microsoft technologies. Organizations which use Done™ can dramatically enhance the experience of their customers, the effectiveness with which they plan their initiatives, as well as the control and management of their daily operations.


DONE Leaflet