The CRM for educational institutions has been developed to meet and exceed the need of an educational institution to manage its prospect customers. The basic subsystems that constitute the solution are:


Basic Subsystems

  • Acceptance and Entry of Declaration of Interest Request: This process concerns the acceptance and reporting of declaration of interest statements of an institution’s prospect customers. The interconnection of the phone center with the system allows for a phone call to be made at the reception point, an automated view of customer profile of the prospect customer to the agent.
  • Update of Customer Profile: Through this process every communication with a prospect as well as their results, are reported on his profile. Those communications are then categorized according to their subject as telecommunications, communication of informational material, communications of offers, meeting organization etc.
  • Calendar of programmed meetings: This process assists the management and implementation of meetings between counsellors of the institution and their customers.
  • Mass statement of interest sending: This process includes marketing communications and the validation of the interest of prospect customers
  • Creation and View of Reports: A multitude of reports can be exported to meet the needs of an institution for statistical data to assist in decision making.