Cosmos Consulting S.A. is one of the leading companies in the production and representation of software in Greece and Cyprus. It is the Software subsidiary of Cosmos Business Systems S.A. (CBS) the headquarters, which are located in Metamorfosi, Athens.


  • Cosmos consulting offers tailored software consulting services that stem from its collaboration with the biggest companies on software construction globally. It represents companies that offer vertical solutions while also producing its own vertical applications for specific business categories.
  • With its products and collaborations, Cosmos Consulting S.A., is serving the majority of the market, with no limitations pertinent to the size of the company served (Corporate, Medium, Small and very small).
  • Cosmos Consulting S.A. employs Project managers, specialized consultants as well as developers which create the software solutions to the needs of the customer as well as custom made solutions for specific customer categories.


More specifically, Cosmos Consulting offers:

  • Consulting services
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Design and implementation of complete Information systems tailored to the corporate needs of each client


The company continuously invests in the development of innovative solutions through the employment of new technologies and methodologies, the close observation of global developments.  Also, it utilizes new software design platforms for the processing and development of software solutions. Additionally, Cosmos Consulting offers various services such as:

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Installation
  • Adaptation
  • Completion of special expansions including an assessment of solution functionality
  • Τraining and technical support on Microsoft enterprise software systems and platforms.


Cosmos Consulting is certified to supply complete IT and software development solutions as proven by its ISO27001 certification provided by TUV Austria (No.:0117364063245)


Cosmos Consulting company profile